Beginning of a Cryptocurrency Investment Company

R•TWO was founded in 2017, when numerous friends and family members approached Sean Clark to request his help to understand and manage their cryptocurrency portfolios. The increasing talk about the explosive gains from Bitcoin and Etherum in 2017 had been an exciting time for many investors to make above average returns with modest investments.

Sean decided it was time to have an investment company that specializes in the cryptocurrency markets for retail investors and thats when R•TWO Group was formed. With over 15 years of trading and investing experience, we are confident that you will be pleased with our results to help grow your investment portfolio.


The number one problem that our clients face in this space is not knowing when they should buy, hold, or sell. We know this can be very difficult and time-consuming especially in such a new and volatile market, so we help by trying to mitigate these five points

Choose the Right Companies

We choose coins/tokens from companies that are fundamentally sound and have the best chance of adoption.

Current Events

We make sure we stay up to date on current news surrounding the crypto space within the United States and East Asia markets since they account for most of the trading volume.

Diversify Funds

We properly diversify our investments among several sectors to better position your portfolio for the short and long term.

Follow the Companies

We stay informed with each company that we choose to ensure they are on track with their timeline and if they are releasing any new developments surrounding their technology.

Utilize Technical Indicators

We use various amounts of technical indicators and analysis to make informed decisions on trading and investing.


In statistics, the coefficient of determination is denoted as r2 , “r squared,” or R•Two. R•Two is the proportion of the variance in the dependent variable that is predictable from the independent variable. It is a statistic used in the context of statistical models whose primary purpose is either the prediction of future outcomes or testing of hypotheses, based on other related information.

Sean Clark

Sean Clark

Founder & CEO

Sean received his BA from the University of Illinois Chicago and his MBA from Loyola University Chicago. In 2006, he founded a successful logistics company before its acquisition in 2016. Sean has been trading in traditional equity markets since 2005 and has been trading cryptocurrency markets since 2016. His vast knowledge of the United States and East Asian Markets combined with his technical analysis has led to a very successful career in the trading/investment industry.

Xuejiao Jin

Xuejiao Jin

VP of Business Development, Asia

Xuejiao is fluent in Mandarin and English and obtained her BS in Computer Science from Yan Tai University in China. Following graduation, she began working with the Chinese government in Shenyang, China. In 2015, she relocated to New York City to act as the Director of Operations for her family’s business before coming aboard with R•TWO Group.